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Web.TT.FinalJack Kerouac is famously quoted as saying, “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

My name is Tina Masciarelli and this lifestyle blog is my version of climbing that mountain, every day, in pursuit of the highest grandest vision possible for my life. For me, that vision is about reclaiming personal power, exploring my passions and living with intention and purpose.

I am a writer, photographer, entrepreneur, explorer and optimist. Join me for the journey!

In this blog, I write about the art of living in balance. Cooking in season. Career. Personal interests. Eating well. Meditations and inspiration. Balancing family, marriage, kids and self. Exploring nature. Travel. Professional development. Discovering beauty in small things. Health. Wellness. Spirituality. Finding joy in everyday living.

My journey thus far:

As a native of western North Carolina, I spent my formative years following in my grandfather’s footsteps in search of undiscovered ecosystems hidden in the Great Smokies. This spirit of wonder and curiosity followed me into adulthood. I studied Social Work and Women’s Studies at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. Upon graduation, I dedicated a year of service to Americorps, serving as the Director of Social Services & Community Outreach at San Miguel Middle School in Back of the Yards community, south side Chicago.

Much later, I completed a Master of Liberal Arts degree at the University of North Carolina-Asheville. My graduate research approached the complexity of the global food system and its relationship to poverty by weaving together an investigation into sustainable community food systems with environmental, social and economic implications.

Currently, I own SOFIOL Press and also serve as project coordinator for Buy Haywood. In addition to photography, I am passionate about local food and supporting sustainable agriculture. When not tending our organic French-style Potager, I still enjoy chasing the wild places from my childhood while hiking with my husband, three daughters, golden retriever, Hannah, and Aussie mix, Charlotte.

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