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One of my favorite contemporary photographers, Annie Leibovitz, once said “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” As a writer and photographer myself, I love falling in love with the world around me. Check out this list of Friday Favorites as I pay homage to the people, places and actions that inspired me most this week. Take a peak, I promise you’ll fall in love too!

{one} garret woodward

Garret at Bosus art_fr

Photo by Garret Woodward

Writer, friend and lover of community. This week Garret wrote a fantastic feature story about our local wine shop and their expanding business. This is National Small Business week—making Garret’s focus all the sweeter!

“With the quiet evening sun fading behind the Great Smoky Mountains last Thursday evening, a single building glowed bright at the bottom of Miller Street in downtown Waynesville.” Read on for the rest of the feature!

Bosu’s Wine Shop is one of my favorite places for so many reasons. Great selection of wine and beer of course! But at its core, it is so much more than that. Co-owners, Maleah Pusz and Tony Gaddis, have cultivated something incredibly special by making the business about people. “When Tony and I starting thinking about our vision for Bosu’s, we wanted to have that place, kind of like when you drive up to someone’s house, lights are blazing, and people have arrived for a dinner party,” Pusz said. “And somehow this group of people showed up know that this is the place, this is where to go — these are my people.”

The Secret Wine Company expansion takes the love of people to a new level. There is nothing quite like it and well worth a drive out to Waynesville from where ever you are!

{two} dj sessions, here and now

Big BIG lover of music, all genres. I stream JAZZ24 in my studio every single day as a creative backdrop to whatever work I’m doing. When I want to explore what’s hot and happening in music, I tune in (or stream) the weekly DJ Sessions on WBUR.

Whitney, one of my new favorites, came from DJ Aaron Byrd of KCRW. This hot foursome is fresh out of Chicago and hitting the global music scene hard with their melancholic lyrics. Check out their “No Woman” video. The buzz? They’re being hailed as “the best band you haven’t heard yet.” Singles available on iTunes, album coming soon.

{three} dill


Cooking with fresh herbs is is a wonderful way to get great flavor without adding unwanted fat or sodium. Spread by seeds that dried on the stalk last fall, the wispy fern-like annual is coming up everywhere in my garden. Seedlings transplant well while small. Pluck the rest for eating.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy fresh dill is in a creamy delicious tzatziki! Ina Garten has a fantastic recipe. (Note: I substitute plain Greek yogurt.)

Over the weekend, I snagged several bags of homemade pita and mana-eesh from the Mediterranean Bakery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Perfect compliment to all the Greek inspired dishes we’ll be making this season! Double bag and store in the freezer. Thaw just what you need for gyros and other good eats.

{four} just ferriss

Last, but certainly not least, I’m so in love with my new friend and fellow blogger, just ferriss

just ferriss is a music, lifestyle and personal style blog by a not so simple girl, living a simple life, inspired by the endless possibilities of the world.

I met her at a recent Blogger Meet Up organized by NC Blogger Network. There was a lot of talent at that table yet Ferriss caught my attention almost immediately. She is young, fresh, impeccably styled with a timeless beauty in the way she speaks, carries herself and writes. Over the evening, I found myself leaning in closer to catch whatever she was sharing at the other end of the table.

Since our meeting, I’ve been following her on social media and regularly reading her blog. I have to say, I’m even more enchanted by this young woman. Poise. Creativity. A modern beat with a timeless rhythm. Here are some of my favorite just ferriss looks (photo creds to Ferriss):

Recently, I attended a very important event with my high school aged daughter. I needed to look cute, put together, not too “mom-ish” but not dressed in teen garb either. I had nothing that fit that bill—just ferriss style to the rescue!

I had one morning to myself last week so I frantically ran out to one of my favorite stores. Pulled up the style section of just ferriss, scrolled through the looks, combed through the racks, and was inspired to put together the perfect outfit. Not only did my teenager approve, but I felt great at the event.

Ferriss may be half my age, but her classic yet fresh style is one to watch! You can catch her vibe on her blog or your favorite social media platform.

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I’d love to hear what inspires you day in and day out. Falling in love and beaming it back out to the world is what it’s all about, right?


*Featured photo taken with my Nikon 5100 at the Asheville Botanical Gardens)