#GetOutandExplore: Purchase Knob

The view from the Science Education Center.

There are a number of well worn quotes about the joy of getting outside and exploring nature—Abbey, Keats, Thoreau, Whitman, Blake, Madame Curie, the Book of Jeremiah (6:16) and even Yogi Berra. Perhaps my favorite was penned by John Muir when he mused, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.” Like my grandfather, Muir knew that getting into the wild was essential to a life well lived. Spending time outdoors in nature keeps us grounded, gives us perspective, and rejuvenates the soul. In an era of increased sedentary lifestyles and hobbies, even doctors are touting the benefits of unplugging and taking the road less traveled. One of my favorite paths, in any season, leads to Purchase Knob. Continue reading…