Friday Favorites

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One of my favorite contemporary photographers, Annie Leibovitz, once said “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” As a writer and photographer myself, I love falling in love with the world around me. Check out this list of Friday Favorites as I pay homage to the people, places and actions that inspired me most this week. Take a peak, I promise you’ll fall in love too! Continue reading…

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On Gratitude


Gratitude is being hailed across media platforms and from leading academic institutions as the new “it” attitude. Several prominent research centers have dedicated multiyear resources to identify and measure scientific data on the nature of gratitude and its potential impact on human health and well-being. Most of us were taught from childhood to say “thank you” for kindnesses large and small. Americans have celebrated a holiday (Thanksgiving) dedicated to the practice since the early 1600’s. So, what’s all the “gratitude” buzz about?

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